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Frequently Asked Questions

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, but there is a fee.

Do all of your cabins have AC?

Yes, All of the cabins have AC. The larger cabins  have central AC and the smaller cabins have window AC unites

Do the cabins have grills? 

Yes, all the cabins have a park style (no top) charcoal gill. There is also a larger grill located at the pavilion that has a top. 

Do you have a restaurant/ Bar?

Sorry, at this time we do not have a bar/ restaurant. 

Do you have WiFI?

Yes, WiFi runs all over the resort. 

DO all of your cabins have Cable?

Yes, All the cabins have TV's and satellite cable

DO you have bait, Gas and Ice?

Yes, to all of those. The bait changes through out the season but we always have bait. We have regular and premium gas. We also have 10 lbs and 20 lbs bags of ice. 

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