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Re-booking, Deposit, and Cancelation policy

  • All guests have their same cabin starting the same day the following year, guaranteed for 30 days from their arrival date this year. 


  • Within those 30 days, we will need 20% of your deposit to hold your reservation. 


  • The other 20%, Totalling 40%, is due BEFORE January 1st.


  • Guests will get back their full deposit if the guest needs to cancel their reservation and does so BEFORE January 1st.


  • If the guest cancels their reservation AFTER January 1st, and we can fill the total stay for full price, the guest will get their deposit back minus a $50 cancellation fee.


  • If we cannot fill the canceled reservation time, the full deposit will be kept to compensate the resort for the revenue lost. 


  • Less than 30 days' cancelation notice will result in full payment of your total reservation. 

Acorn Hill Resort 

a Walter Family resort

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