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Updated on 4/24/2020

The bay is opening up, and the docks are getting put in next week.  Our cabins will soon have their water turned on and prepped for our summertime guests.  It doesn’t seem like there would be anything better than taking a moment to enjoy the beauty of the Northwoods. We cannot think of a better time than to sit in a boat, on the dock, in front of a cabin, or simply in a lawn chair, taking a moment in nature.

With that said, we are excited to share with you that we have officially been given the "good to go" from the State to open for business. However, there will be some modifications that do have to take place.  Most of which you won’t even notice as our guests, it is how our day-to-day, behind-the-scenes tasks, will operate.

What does this mean for our guests:

  • A more in-depth sanitizing process will be taking place in the cabins between each reservation.  

  • Communal areas are to remain closed (state-ordered) at this time. Here are the currently affected things: the pool house, including the pool, game room, showers, and bathrooms. Update 6/10/20 The Pool is open at 50%, Game room 20%, and Workout room 25%.  

  • The laundry rooms, showers (not in the pool house), and fish cleaning house facilities are OPEN but limited to one family at a time.

  • We ask each guest to bring their own bath, dish, and beach towels (no towels will be provided).

  • We will be taking the blankets out of the cabins, so please make sure you bring your own. (There will be new sheets and pillowcases for each guest as always.)

  • Cabin decorations will be minimized. The walls may look a bit bare compared to the typical “up north” cabin décor in the cabins.

  • Our beach will be open for use. We ask that our guests exercise social distancing guidelines with members outside of your household.

  • The water toys at the beach (including the water slide), and the playground will be open. We will not be able to ensure that they will be appropriately sanitized before you use them. Please play at your own risk.

  • The resort pavilion will be open for use but will have a signup sheet only and will be limited to one family at a time. We will do our best to sanitize before each use, but we will encourage each family to sanitize before using it.

  • We will still have the full boat launch service, gas, and bait shop services opened as usual.


Like most of you are already experiencing, life as we know it is changing on an almost daily basis.  If anything changes that would affect your stay, we will be relaying those changes as soon as we know about them.  We look forward to seeing all of you this summer.

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